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Talent Philosophy

Focusing on the strategic goals of Highly Group and the company's development direction, Highly Marelli considers development as its core, innovation as the soul, and taking "doing things" as the fundamental orientation, and comprehensively improves the ability and quality of its talent. With a good environmental atmosphere and mechanism, the company adopts policies that attracts talent of all kinds and enables them to fully realize their potential. We endeavor to give opportunities to those who want to work, and the stage to those who can do things, and to encourage those who do things well, and strive to create a team of high-quality talent with sustainable development.


As a global company, Highly Marelli is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive cultural atmosphere, respecting every employee, encouraging innovation and cooperation, and turning Highly Marelli into an organization that embraces diversity. In this organization, the subjective initiative of employees is maximized, and the inner potential explored to the greatest extent, so that people can consistently achieve their career goals here.


Talent is the foundation of enterprise development and the primary productive force that promotes enterprise leapfrog development. Facing the challenges of human resources management at home and abroad, Highly Marelli places talent development in a strategic position, attaches importance to team building, and finds talent through multiple channels. Simultaneously, it provides employees with opportunities for learning and career development on multiple platforms, has established a dual-channel career development model with complementary management/technologies, cultivates a group of global management talent who are adapted to different cultural backgrounds, and strives to form "selection and retention". The closed loop provides a strong guarantee for the company to remain invincible in the fierce competition, and ultimately cultivate a talented team that wins market leadership, creates organizational advantages, leads value orientation, has a sense of mission and responsibility, and supports the realization of strategic goals.